3 reasons to ask questions on viewings and how to motivate yourself to do it

For many first-time buyers, worrying about the first few viewings and, most importantly, what questions to ask is a common concern.

But did you know that the worry usually comes from not really being sure why we need to ask these questions in the first place? 

And because you’re not sure WHY you’re asking them, you either end up asking the wrong questions or struggling when the conversation with the estate agent doesn’t quite go to plan.

At Move Engine, we believe the answer is learning what the important questions are AND understanding the three main reasons behind why you need to ask them. 

The better you understand the reasons for asking these questions, the easier you’re going to find it when you need to ask them.

The 3 Reasons Why Asking Viewing Questions Matter 

Let’s take a look at these, so you can have more confidence to ask for the information you need.

Reason 1: You want to avoid buying a property you regret

Most properties have a story. Some good but sometimes bad.

Asking the estate agent questions about the property, the local area, and any problems will help you identify if this property is a good fit or one to be avoided. 

If you don’t ask, you will never know. 

A useful tip is to think about what could be wrong with the property that the estate agent hasn’t told you about in advance. Try to think beyond the obvious, to things like what is going on in the area.

Local planning applications and neighbour disputes are good examples that might cause you to be unhappy living in the property.

If in doubt or the agent can’t answer, always follow up. It may be they have to ask the seller or it is something your solicitor can raise, and remember to get things in writing as well. 

Reason 2: You want to save money or know how to play your offer.

I bet you would like to save money if you can?

Asking questions about the seller’s situation and how much interest there has been from other buyers can help inform how you negotiate. It can also tell you how quickly you need to act.

So, find out as much as you can about why they are selling and the levels of interest. But also pay attention to how the estate agent is saying it, to be sure the information is genuine.

Reason 3: It’s an excellent way to develop a relationship with the estate agent.

A good relationship with the estate agent might lead to them recommending you as the best buyer or letting you know about future properties coming up for sale. Asking questions like a robot will get you nowhere, but equally, asking fifty questions about a property you have no intention of buying will burn some bridges. 

Instead, try dropping questions into the conversation as you wander around the home to build a thing called rapport with the estate agent. 

Basically, developing a relationship between you, so the estate agent knows that you are a serious buyer and not a time-waster.  We could write an entire article on this, but for now, just know that it makes the estate agent warm to you, and it will make it easier for you to ask those bigger questions later on because you are comfortable talking to them.


Now you know the 3 reasons why you should be asking questions on a viewing. 

There are many more reasons I could give. Asking questions is a skill and it takes time to practice, which is why with our first-time buyer guide to success programme, you can develop your skills over several weeks, so by the time you find a property, you are a pro! 

Also, don’t forget our helpful viewing checklist, if you need it, here.