Compare conveyancing solicitors quotes

Compare conveyancing quotes

Getting the right conveyancing solicitor is very important when buying your first house. We have teamed up with reallymoving to make it super easy for you to get sent quotes from conveyancing solicitors who cover your area. They will personally email you a complete quote with full details about their service.

  • Simply fill in the form below and receive your quotes today.
  • All quotes come with reviews so that you can compare them
  • Our Top Tip: When thinking about conveyancing remember the cheapest quote is not always the best, we recommend you choose a quality company for this important part of your house buying process to help make sure it is completed properly.

We have chosen to work with reallymoving because they are one of the leading providers in the UK and have helped millions of buyers move. If you have any comments about there service please contact us with your feedback.

Frequently asked questions about conveyancing

What is conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the legal process to transfer a property from it’s current owner to you the buyer. The process ensures the property is transferred correctly and highlights other details which you should be made aware of.

How long does the conveyancing process take?

In most cases, the conveyancing for the purchase of a home will take between 10 and 12 weeks. But it can be much less or a lot longer, depending on many circumstances. Especially if you are buying a property that is part of a chain. We recommend speaking to your conveyancer for more information.

Why should I compare conveyancing solicitors?

We recommend you compare conveyancing solicitors to make sure you get a good deal. In addition to saving money you can compare the service of each company by looking at their reviews. Some also have different fees depending on if the sale goes through so it’s worth checking them out properly.

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