Want To Make Certain You Buy a Property You’re Happy to Call Home?

Can we personally guide you through each phase of the buying process so you too can finally stop wasting money on rent and become a proud homeowner?

The free guide you downloaded is a great first step. But it can’t give you the personalised guidance that speaking to an expert can give you.


That’s why if you want to ensure you’re prepared to buy the right home for you, we want to gift you a “First Home Readiness Call”.

On this complimentary 30-minute call one of our home buying advisors will help you:

  • Map out your specific path to homeownership based on your current situation
  • Gain clarity around the home buying process – even if you’re not sure what questions you should be asking
  • Avoid costly mistakes like over-stretching your finances and getting surprised by hidden costs
  • Discover the best approach when buying near the top of your budget (and avoid ending up in a bad area or community)
  • Address any fears or concerns you have about buying your first home so you feel confident and ready to start viewing properties

“Why?” – Because our mission is to help 10,000 first-time home buyers in the UK avoid costly mistakes and become happy homeowners.

“What’s the catch”? – We believe in leading with value. Our hope is that you get enough value from the call that if you’d like additional support and guidance throughout the home buying process, whether that’s now or in the future, you’ll consider working with us. Sound fair?

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Get Advice From Experts Who Have Your Best Interests At Heart

Buying your first home is a big deal.

Unfortunately for many first time buyers, it can be a scary and confusing experience.

The reality is, you don’t know what you don’t know.

And if you don’t have an expert guiding you throughout the process, it’s easy to make mistakes without even realising – and then pay the price later, when it’s too late.


To make matters worse, it can be hard to know who to trust.

A little-known secret in the industry is that many real estate professionals are not on your side.

They’re incentivised to get the best price for the seller.

Which means that if you follow their advice, you’ll likely end up paying more and getting a worse deal.


The good news is that there’s a better way.

Move Engine is one of a select few independent companies that solely work for you, the buyer.

Which means we work exclusively with you to help you buy the right home for your needs and get the best deal possible.

This way you can rest easy knowing the home you own is the best fit for you.

We help new home buyers like you through our signature “First Home Success Blueprint” program. We guide you through the process step-by-step so you’re prepared to buy the best home for your budget in just 6 weeks.

Without the right support, you risk making a bad investment, over-stretching your finances and ending up in a property you regret.

With the right team behind you, you can be confident you’re making the best decision while investing in a home that’s right for you.

What Our Customers Have To Say

“His advice is fantastic”

After searching the web for any assistance as a first time buyer I found all of Tom’s knowledge really useful and his advice is fantastic for someone looking for their first step on the property ladder. There wasn’t any questions he couldn’t answer, definitely recommend!!

– Catherine Gall

“He pointed me in the right direction”

I just wanted to say thank you to Tom. He gave me a great advise and was very helpful. He has answered all my questions and pointed me in the right direction. Thank you Tom 😊

– Lenka Danisova

“I would absolutely recommend Move Engine to anyone”

I contacted move-engine to answer the 700 questions I had about buying a house. I had just initiated the process of looking for my first property and was finding more questions based on every conversation I had. In a half hour call with move-engine the majority of these were answered and the next steps I should take in a logical house buying process were identified. The advisor was extremely knowledgeable and clear in explaining the various aspects from everything related to mortgages, buy to let and property tax. I would absolutely recommend move engine to anyone.

– Edward Hobbs

Head Coach Tom

Who We Are

Hi, I’m Tom, the founder of Move Engine.

Before I started Move Engine, I’d been in the property industry for over 15 years.

I saw firsthand the lack of support in the industry for first-time buyers. And I experienced it myself when I bought my own property and was disappointed with the lack of help available. Which is why I started Move Engine.

We offer education and online training to first-time home buyers in the UK. We are the only people in the buying process who solely work on your side.

We’ve helped dozens of first time home buyers like you navigate the complicated home buying process to own a suitable house in the right location. And to do so while making as few compromises as possible and without over-stretching your budget.

Are you next?

Don’t risk the money you’ve spent so much time saving. Get expert guidance from a team who cares about your success.

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Let us guide you through the home-buying process so you too can become a happy homeowner.

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We want to be clear and upfront so here are our Terms and Conditions

The information in this page is intended for guidance and you should always seek professional one to one advice where possible. The first coaching call is free. We also offer paid services which we can discuss with you should you wish. Move Engine does not provide financial advice. Should you require this we can introduce you to the best mortgage adviser we know to get the help you need*. We hope you enjoy speaking with us as have many of our previous clients.

*We want to be transparent. Should we introduce you to a mortgage broker we will receive a referral fee if you choose to use their service. We guarantee that you will not be charged differently had you gone to that mortgage adviser directly yourself. We work hard to make sure our recommendations fit your needs and a high quality service. We welcome all feedback so that we can improve our service.

Please contact us if you have any feedback or questions or are struggling to find a time that works for you.