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Calling all information seeking first-time buyers who are close to viewing properties. Try our new online training to help you learn how to tackle the house buying process by getting prepared.

We have been coaching buyers for years. And in that time we’ve learnt that buying your first home is rarely as easy as they make it out to be in how to buy articles.

Hi, I’m Tom from Move Engine. We offer first-time buyer coaching and online training to first-time home buyers who are about to start the house buying process.

Why do first-time buyers need more than just a blog article?

In today’s world we have learnt to research online before we start things. From sofa’s to cars. But buying a home can be more complicated than we first think.

At every step, not only do you need to know what you should be doing.

But also what things should you be looking out for, what are your choices and what mistakes you want to avoid.

No one wants to end up losing money or ending up in a home they regret buying.

Each of the steps come with their own things to look out for.

Take choosing how you will get a mortgage for example.

Will you be getting it online, using your bank or maybe a mortgage broker? And for each choice there are pros and cons to consider. Then when you choose are you definitely getting the best deal and advice? And are you understanding your options or just blindly trusting someone to do it for you?

This is just one example of the many steps you will need to take along the way.

And at each step you will find yourself researching and figuring out what you should be doing.

It can be exhausting and is easy to make expensive mistakes.

“We thought there has to be an easier way”

We thought there has to be a better and easier way to navigate this home buying process.

One which fits with your need for information and to research ahead.

And after coaching hundreds of buyers one to one we realised many had the same questions and concerns.

Questions like:

  • When should I get mortgage advice?
  • How do I make sure I get my mortgage approved?
  • Is the help to buy scheme / shared ownership worth it?
  • What questions should I ask on a viewing?
  • How do I avoid overpaying for my first home?
  • What is a survey and which one should I get?
  • How do I choose a good solicitor?

These are just some of the many questions we see and you are likely to have too.

So instead of overwhelming you and stressing you out by overloading you with information, we decided it was better to guide you through the process step by step.

But as money is tight we knew paying £297 for us to coach you personally might be out of reach for some of you.

So we came up with an online training course that is simple and easy based on the same work we do with our clients.

Ready to get started?

Where to get started?

It all starts with learning our First-Time Buyer Fast Track Blue Print.

The house buying process can be complicated. Instead, we show you how to break buying up into 5 simple stages.

Each stage is based around you and making sure you feel confident and ready for each of the challenges ahead.

It’s different to the standard steps

Unlike standard house buying steps we frame things from your perspective. Helping you to avoid those common mistakes. You still understand the process ahead but are thinking about what you need to do.

Our goal is to take you from an inexperienced buyer to feeling clued up in a matter of days.

What happens next?

After you have the blueprint you can start to set some goals and basic timelines for yourself. You can finally start to plan you next steps instead of feeling in the dark.

Then it’s all about diving in and getting started on the practical steps.

Once you have the overview it’s time to get started on taking the steps.

We take you through 5 stages to go from saver to homebuyer in as little as a few weeks.

Each designed to build that knowledge you get as you make progress:

  • Being mortgage ready
  • Getting finance ready
  • Finding the right home for you
  • Getting prepared for viewings, offers and sales
  • Navigating the sales process smoothly


Yes, these stages sound simple but the beauty is in how we help you break it down.

We teach you how to go through each stage one at a time.

Breaking it down into short easy steps.

Taking this approach helps you feel like you are making daily progress towards owning your first home.

And we will be answering your common questions along the way as well as giving lots of tips and tricks.

Sound good? Well the best news is that for a limited time you can sign up for this training for FREE for 21 days with no credit card or other details required >>

In that time we have had some buyers who have completed the programme and even found a house they want to buy and had their offer accepted. So it should be more than enough time to get started.

Why are we giving this away for free? Our mission as a company is to help 10,000 first-time buyers avoid the most common home buying mistakes and step into home ownership. We believe this is just one of the ways we can do that and the more people who try out our new training the more we can help.

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Catherine Gall
Catherine Gall
14:53 16 Jan 21
After searching the web for any assistance as a first time buyer I found all of Tom’s knowledge really useful and his advice is fantastic for someone looking for their first step on the property ladder. There wasn’t any questions he couldn’t answer, definitely recommend!!
Lenka Danisova
Lenka Danisova
11:10 08 Oct 20
I just wanted to say thank you to Tom. He gave me a great advise and was very helpful. He has answered all my questions and pointed me in the right direction. Thank you Tom 😊
George Hobbs
George Hobbs
17:27 25 Feb 20
I contacted move-engine to answer the 700 questions I had about buying a house. I had just initiated the process of looking for my first property and was finding more questions based on every conversation I hadIn a half hour call with move-engine the majority of these were answered and the next... steps I should take in a logical house buying process were identified. The advisor was extremely knowledgable and clear in explaining the various aspects from everything related to mortgages, buy to let and property tax.I would absolutely recommend move engine to anyoneread more
Edward Hobbs
Edward Hobbs
12:55 25 Feb 20
I connected with Tom Leach as I am looking to buy my first home. Tom was exceptionally knowledgeable and full of very good advice on what to research and look for in this process, as well as being easy to talk to and informative on the whole process. For anyone in similar situation I would... recommend reaching out to Tomread more
Angela Hobbs
Angela Hobbs
14:18 24 Feb 20
Having had several conversations with my sons looking to purchase their first property in London, I felt concerned that as it had been some time since I had been directly involved with the house buying process, was I really equipped to give the right advice? Tom, CEO and founder of Move Engine, ... scheduled a call and they were both really impressed. Totally recommend his company to all parents of first time more
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About me

Hi, my name is Tom and I’ve worked in the property industry for over 15 years. It was both my personal experiences buying houses and the lack of support in the industry for first-time buyers that led me to start Move Engine. Having gone into the buying process with such high expectations, I was disappointed with the lack of help and support available.

So Move Engine was created and I went out started to find the best partners in the industry to help you. In the last year I have personally helped over 50 first-time buyers with the next step of their journey. Our website had over 17,000 visitors in the last year and is continuing to grow.

If you are struggling to get started or have some questions holding you back, then let’s chat it through together so that you can move forwards. There are no silly questions when it comes to buying your first house and we are here to help you.

What does the First-Time Buyer Fast Track Programme look like?

Let’s quickly explain what you can expect:

Quick and easy to fit around you

Each step of the process is broken down into a simple 2 minute video highlighting what to look out for and what to do next.

Purposefully short videos to fit in around you and keep it easy and manageable. Especially useful if you are short on time or need to move fast. You then have actions which help you feel like you are making progress.

Gamified to make it fun

Not only that but we have put the whole thing into a gamified app so you can feel like you are getting rewarded for every small step you take. You’ll be a confident buyer before you know it. 🏆 🏆 🏆

This takes it from learning to actual fun. Win points for taking steps in real life moving you closer to your goal.


Covers every step to go from getting prepared to home buyer in 21 days of less

And we cover each of the 5 stages from our blueprint so you can use this as you make progress feeling ready ahead of time.

Packed with our favourite tips, checklists and advice to navigate through each step with ease. And download our simple buying checklist to always know where you are and what is next.

You have a choice. Navigate this home buying process on your own. Or take this free opportunity to get support throughout. What do you have to lose?

Sign up to get your FREE 21 days access to programme below:

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Get help with your next steps

We want to be clear and upfront so here are our Terms and Conditions

The information in this page is intended for guidance and you should always seek professional one to one advice where possible. The training provided is free for 21 days after which your access will be suspended. You then have the option of paying a fixed fee to use our service going forward. No credit card details will be taken. Please note Move Engine does not provide financial advice and will introduce you to the best mortgage adviser we know to help you if you need it. There are no guarantees that buying a house will be easy, but we aim to make sure it as smooth as possible. This training is designed to point out all the main areas but of course you should take the time to supplement this with your own research and checks.

*Move Engine will receive a referral fee for introducing you to a mortgage adviser paid for by them if you choose to use their service. We guarantee that you will not be charged differently had you gone to that mortgage adviser directly yourself. We work hard to make sure our recommendations fit your needs and a high quality service. We welcome all feedback so that we can improve our service. Please contact us if you have any feedback or questions.

** Course is currently available for £36 for one years access. This includes a bonus of email support from our expert coaches.