Discover how you can buy your first house

Take our pathfinder to get an understanding of your path to owning your first home. From working out how much you can borrow and move costs to ways to get extra help to buy.

What are the 4 most important steps when getting started?

First you need to make sure you have worked out your finances. You need a rough idea of what you can borrow and what you need to save for a deposit and move costs. It’s also good to create a budget for once you own your new home.

Next, get an idea of the type of property you want to buy and what areas you can afford. Use websites like Zoopla and Rightmove to research your local area.

Then decide how will you get a mortgage. Will you be applying on your own, via an internet broker, your bank or will you speak to a mortgage adviser. Chatting to a mortgage adviser can really help if you are unsure about anything or don’t have time to research everything yourself. Read our article Should I use a mortgage adviser? for more information on what to expect.

Once you have decided on your mortgage route and checked it’s possible for you it’s time to get out there and see properties. Register with local estate agents and start going to see properties you think you might like. It is also worth learning about the sale process so you know what to expect next.

No need to worry. We are here to make it easier.

Take the first step towards owning your first home

One of the most common questions when starting our as a first-time buyer is where do I start? Luckily our pathfinder is here to get you started. It will help you get clear on some of the most important things such as:

  • Understand how much you could potentially borrow
  • Calculate your move costs
  • Create a deposit plan
  • Improve your finances to qualify for the best deals
  • Find a mortgage advisor who can help with your personal situation
  • Learn about help to buy schemes and other ways to maximise your deposit

How it works?

1. Tell us about you in 5 simple steps

2. Get your results

3. Use our recommendations to improve your chances of success

Why should I take the Pathfinder?

As you step through the Pathfinder it will teach you about the following:

We are here to help you

Avoid the most common first-time buyer mistakes

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How to buy your first home? Read our complete guide:

We have put together our guide to the 7 steps to help you succeed at each stage of your home buying journey. Complete with tips and tools to make it easier for you.

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Ready to move on to the next stage?

Search For Your Perfect Mortgage Adviser

Talk to a friendly mortgage adviser to save time and hassle and get clear and the best next steps for you. They can help you work out your finances. When you are ready they will find you the best deal for you and make your mortgage application easy.

And better still, our advisers can help you with chasing estate agents and your conveyancing solicitor. Answering all your questions every step of the way.

Learn more and discover advisers in your area today

  • Get a proper check on what you can afford
  • Find out what deals you qualify for
  • Save time with the application
  • Get help dealing with estate agents and conveyancers
  • Have a dedicated adviser to answer your questions at every stage

Already found the property you want to buy?

House Buying Checklist

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