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Have you almost saved your deposit for your first home? Are you confused or worried about the process ahead?

"Your mission should you choose to accept it is to create your first home success blueprint, so that you can confidently start looking at properties you know you can afford and trust they will give you a lifestyle you can enjoy in 6 weeks or less."

Hi, I’m Tom from Move Engine. We offer first-time buyer coaching and online training to first-time home buyers who are about to start the house buying process.

Why do we need first-time buyer coaching?

For many years I have seen first hand the challenges first-time buyers face. What used to be a friendly supportive industry is now a much more digital experience, which as a result has left first-time buyers on their own trying to figure everything out.

Many of us enjoy searching on websites like Rightmove or Zoopla and this has become the main activity many people focus on. However, that doesn’t cover the other important side of buying which is guiding you away from the many pitfalls and mistakes that are easy to make.

For many of us buying a home is a big deal. It is unlike anything we have purchased before in our lives and so this can lead to it feeling daunting and at times a bit overwhelming or confusing.

House prices have made things even worse

Added to it is the challenge of house prices. Over the last 8 years the average cost of a first home has climbed a lot! Making it hard for first-time buyers to reach a point where they can actually secure a mortgage on the home they want.

This increase in house prices has led to you needing to save an even larger deposit, meaning every additional cost or expense when buying eats into your ability to invest that money in your new home. But equally many people forget the mistakes can be expensive too.

I thought there has to be a better way to start your journey and that’s where my coaching service began.

That’s where our “first home success blueprint” comes in to help you

Our signature system to help you focus on what matters to you

  • Knowing you can afford not only the mortgage but all the ongoing costs
  • Being confident to buy a home that you enjoy and gives you a lifestyle that makes you happy for several years to come
  • Getting a good mortgage deal that is right for you and understanding them and how they work so you can manage them yourself in the future


It also helps you build up the right skills so that you can:

  • Carry out your viewings so that you can avoid surprise costs and expenses
  • Build up your knowledge so you feel more confident and ready to go out and buy
  • Save money on the many move costs by being prepared in advance


But before you are ready for that you are likely to have questions or challenges standing in your way.

Which is why I invite you to a ‘Complimentary Next Steps Coaching Session’:

Ready to get started?

In this 30 min free session we will cover:

  • Chat about your situation and plans to buy your first home
  • Learn what you need to do to feel prepared and ready to start viewing properties
  • Talk through any possible challenges or worries or fears you have that are stopping you move forwards
  • Get a clear plan for what you want to do next

There is no pressure to use our services and this first call is free, leaving you clear on your next steps.

Request your complimentary call with me at a time that suits you


Need mortgage advice instead? We can even help you connect with our recommended mortgage advisers and other professionals if you need one.

Buying you first home? Here are some of the top challenges we often come across:

  • Checking what you can actually afford so that you can start your search
  • Understanding the house buying process
  • Deciding if schemes like help to buy or shared ownership will work best for you
  • Knowing if you want to get mortgage advice or your other options for getting a mortgage
  • Understanding mortgages and the process of getting one
  • Working out the costs of moving
  • Checking you can afford not only the mortgage but all the other costs that come with home ownership
  • Being confident to pick a property that meets all your needs
  • Knowing what mistakes to avoid

Because each person is unique we take our blueprint and adapt it to your biggest challenges and priorities. Meaning less stress and overwhelm for you and more of doing the right things at the right time that will lead you to mission accomplished.

Read some our recent reviews

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Catherine Gall
Catherine Gall
14:53 16 Jan 21
After searching the web for any assistance as a first time buyer I found all of Tom’s knowledge really useful and his advice is fantastic for someone looking for their first step on the property ladder. There wasn’t any questions he couldn’t answer, definitely recommend!!
Lenka Danisova
Lenka Danisova
11:10 08 Oct 20
I just wanted to say thank you to Tom. He gave me a great advise and was very helpful. He has answered all my questions and pointed me in the right direction. Thank you Tom 😊
George Hobbs
George Hobbs
17:27 25 Feb 20
I contacted move-engine to answer the 700 questions I had about buying a house. I had just initiated the process of looking for my first property and was finding more questions based on every conversation I hadIn a half hour call with move-engine the majority of these were answered and the next... steps I should take in a logical house buying process were identified. The advisor was extremely knowledgable and clear in explaining the various aspects from everything related to mortgages, buy to let and property tax.I would absolutely recommend move engine to anyoneread more
Edward Hobbs
Edward Hobbs
12:55 25 Feb 20
I connected with Tom Leach as I am looking to buy my first home. Tom was exceptionally knowledgeable and full of very good advice on what to research and look for in this process, as well as being easy to talk to and informative on the whole process. For anyone in similar situation I would... recommend reaching out to Tomread more
Angela Hobbs
Angela Hobbs
14:18 24 Feb 20
Having had several conversations with my sons looking to purchase their first property in London, I felt concerned that as it had been some time since I had been directly involved with the house buying process, was I really equipped to give the right advice? Tom, CEO and founder of Move Engine, ... scheduled a call and they were both really impressed. Totally recommend his company to all parents of first time more
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About me

Hi, my name is Tom and I’ve worked in the property industry for over 15 years. It was both my personal experiences buying houses and the lack of support in the industry for first-time buyers that led me to start Move Engine. Having gone into the buying process with such high expectations, I was disappointed with the lack of help and support available.

So Move Engine was created and I went out started to find the best partners in the industry to help you. In the last year I have personally helped over 50 first-time buyers with the next step of their journey. Our website had over 17,000 visitors in the last year and is continuing to grow.

If you are struggling to get started or have some questions holding you back, then let’s chat it through together so that you can move forwards. There are no silly questions when it comes to buying your first house and we are here to help you.

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What happens next?

There are 3 simple steps after you submit your request:

  • We will contact you to arrange a time that suits you for the call
  • We answer your questions and guide you on your next steps
  • You are free then to choose if you need any further help and will not be pressured into anything

We want to be clear and upfront so here are our Terms and Conditions

The information in this page is intended for guidance and you should always seek professional one to one advice where possible. The first coaching call is free after which you have the option of paying a fixed fee to use our service going forward. Move Engine does not provide financial advice and will introduce you to the best mortgage adviser we know to help you if you need it. There are no guarantees that buying a house will be easy, but we aim to make sure it as smooth as possible and that you are supported by an experienced adviser to give you the best chance of success.

*Move Engine will receive a referral fee for introducing you to a mortgage adviser paid for by them if you choose to use their service. We guarantee that you will not be charged differently had you gone to that mortgage adviser directly yourself. We work hard to make sure our recommendations fit your needs and a high quality service. We welcome all feedback so that we can improve our service. Please contact us if you have any feedback or questions.

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